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I'm writing a Sims 2 story (temporarily called Counci Thirteen until I come up with a better name), and in the middle of writing a scene for one of the later chapters I just killed off a character. And I'm crying. Tears streaming down my face, etc.

I've had this death planned since the beginning but oh god. I did not expect to get this upset. To make matters worse, I'm listening to Timshel by Mumford and Sons, and it's just making me cry more.

I know a fair few of you are also writers - do you guys cry when/if you kill off a character? What was the emotional you've ever gotten when writing about a character?

R.I.P. character who shall remain anonymous for now. You fought a good fight.
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I have a really detailed idea of how the supernatural Sims in my game work and interact. I also have extensive back-stories regarding each particular ‘species’ of Sims. So, here’s a little something that I’ve been working on. It was just supposed to be a quick photo shoot, but then I decided to try cleaning up the pictures and putting them on white backgrounds so there was hours of Photoshop involved. I’ve pretty much decided that I now hate white backgrounds. Also, I think I might do more stuff related to this, because I love writing about Supernatural Sims, and I have ~ideas.

WARNINGS: Mentions of character death and miscarriage.

Click click clicky:

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I completely forgot about this meme until I was going through the folders in my memories and stumbled across it. I'm going to try and finish it this time, I swear!

Day Four - Your least favourite female character?

I'm going to go with the expected response and say Dolores Umbridge. Everytime she pops up in a chapter, I literally grind my teeth and grimace. She's such a horrible villain - maybe not in the same way as Lord Voldemort is, but enough so that she gives me the heebie jeebies.

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In other news - I've been playing my Sims 2 uberhood nearly every day. Well. Okay I haven't actually been 'playing', but I've finished making over all the maxis characters, including the university ones and several resurrected sims ;) I decided at the last minute to add the Life Stories sims I downloaded from trippytexan's page, and I'm making them over/adding them to various hoods at this very moment. When I'm done with them, I'll start posting batches of the maxis makeover shots (though I might wait a bit longer, my internet is running so slow, it's incredibly frustrating).

ALSO. I was tossing around ideas for photoshoots and fun pictures I can take, and I came up with this idea. And it was meant to be this little thing and then suddenly there were 25 pictures and a whole backstory and then I started getting more ideas about how to tie it in the megahood. So. I will also be posting that in a couple of days. A hint - it has to do with the supernatural sims and my backstories for each of the different types.

Hope you're all well xx
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Hello everyone! A couple of weeks ago, I was debating in a post about whether or not I should make another journal for my Sims to pictures and stories. After much thought, I decided to create a community. It will be easy for me to maintain, and if anyone should like my stuff, they can just watch the community! It was actually made awhile ago, but I only had my old Baskerville pictures on there, so I wanted to wait until I could actually post something new!

I'll be posting any and all picspam from the megahood over there, and once I get everything together, I might start posting the little snippets of stories I have. I'm focusing on my maxis makeovers for my revamped megahood, I'm having a lot of fun.

Here's a little something I just uploaded from my Strangtown hood - featuring Pascal, Vicund, and the newest Curious - Andromeda. Click through pic for more:


Mar. 20th, 2011 09:57 pm
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So, I removed my entire downloads folder. Pruned some stuff, ended up only adding back in the following folders: defaults, mods and hacks. I'm so tired of my game running slowly, I just want to actually play it for once! I've decided that I'm going to go (very) Maxis Match, and I was wondering if you guys could give me some recommendations. I have decent eyes and skin defaults, but I was wondering about hair retextures and clothing - where can I find the best Maxis-Match style stuff related to that? I know  a bunch of you on my f-list play MM, so I'm hoping you can help.

EDIT: omg downloads folder is only 224MB. My mind is blown. It used to be 9.5 GB :/
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Spent the past couple of hours making over Strangetown. Will probably post more later, when I'm not so tired. Apologies for pixelly pics/over-photoshopped pics - I'm trying out new things with colours and resizing photos. I love playing Strangetown - it's the first maxis neighbourhood I fell in love with, and it's the only one that still holds my attention to this day. I've got loads of plans for it *rubs hands together* - mostly involving the immortality-hungry Olive Specter and my awkward Desiderata Valley warlock Julien Cooke.

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So today I played my uberhood and decided to visit Jessica Peterson. She herself had a visitor, one Jennail Tricou.

Nevermind the fact that's it's daytime and she's a vampire, nothing much out of the ordinary right? For some reason they hate each other (might have to figure out what's going on there...)

And then I look to the right. And I see this:

Let us examine the WTFery of this photo:
  • There are six Jennail's. Not including the one bitching out at Jessica
  • Someone has peed everywhere
  • One of them is discussing fried eggs with her clone
  • One is doing a full-on exorcist twist
You better believe I clicked out of there without saving *is worried about her game now*
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So I downloaded plasticbox's Baskerville hood on modthesims, and have spent a couple of months re-decorating and filling it with Sims. I originally was just planning on using it as a breeding hood, but then I started my nanowrimo project (a zombie/b-movie type of thing) and decided that Baskerville was the perfect location. So random Sims became characters in the novel; residential and community lots became important settings and owned businesses.

Here we have the town proper:

A sleepy little town in the desert, Baskerville has agreed to allow Gerry Newsom to film the cult classic "Then They Were Dead" among their homes. What secret did Gerry and his assistant bring into town with them? Will the Baskvervillians regret giving their permission? And what exactly is the government doing skulking around town?

character introductions this way -13 pictures under the cut- )

And that's just the first lot that I've had time to take photos of. More to come, I suppose.

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Oct. 26th, 2010 03:43 pm
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Okay so I think I have borked my game. Or maybe not, but either way someone is not right. Basically, no grey hairs are showing up for females. It's not that bad because some of the custom greys are still in the custom bin, but seriously. WHAT DID I DO? And how do I fix it? Can any other simmers out there help?

Does this make any sense? Here's a pic, apologies for the shitty quality. SEE? Where are all the elder hairs? They show up for the males, why not the females? Am I being an idiot, and is the fix really obvious? I don't know...


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