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Hello everyone! So as most of you may know by now, LJ has gone down the shitter. I have a couple of dreamwidth accounts set up (I even had a mirror for this one) but I've just made a new one that I will probably exclusively use if I make the move over to dreamwidth.

It's oh-deanna, and I'm currently in the process of importing all my entries over to there. If you guys have a dreamwidth (even if you don't use it that much) please comment here and tell me what it is, because I'd love to have some friends over there!

So just to clarify, I'm not going anywhere right now, just making plans in case I do decide to move.

Also, despite the fact that I have a lot of schoolwork to do, I also have eight (yes, EIGHT) mixes to post over the next few weeks or so. So keep an eye out for those!
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[ 5-9-12: Finally! I was posting some stray mixes to theworlditgoes and decided now was a good time to put this whole thing together (of course, this is all happening while I'm sick with a fever and coughing up a lung). Just so you all know, I haven't decided how exactly this is going to work, so it may go through a couple of different incarnations before I'm happy with it. ]


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