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[ 5-9-12: Finally! I was posting some stray mixes to theworlditgoes and decided now was a good time to put this whole thing together (of course, this is all happening while I'm sick with a fever and coughing up a lung). Just so you all know, I haven't decided how exactly this is going to work, so it may go through a couple of different incarnations before I'm happy with it. ]


May. 13th, 2012 10:00 pm
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Finally completed my sequel to my sad song mixtape - it's called 'The Dark I Know Well' and it's focus is on unsettling songs. I'm rather proud of it, so go and check it out at [livejournal.com profile] theworlditgoes if you're interested. Warning: some songs contain talk of sexual abuse / assault, self harming, suicide and murder.

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After the last mixtape I posted, I kept getting ideas for new ones. Here's the latest - songs that make me cry. Maybe not every time I listen to them, but once in awhile I'll hear them playing and I feel my heart ache. Again, please leave a comment if you download, and do not post elsewhere. If anyone would like individual songs uploaded, or has trouble downloading the zip, just let me know.

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Here's that mixtape I mentioned in my last post. This is what I was listening to when I went with my family to Kurnell on Saturday. No real theme to the songs, just wanted to share my playlist. Enjoy! Please comment if you download it, and please do not repost elsewhere. If anyone would like individual songs uploaded, just let me know.

(cover image taken by me)


and I don't wanna be a jet airliner, I just wanna be a little bird... )


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