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We're in the middle of a cool change, which is good, but there are also strong winds that are not helping. And we're in for another heatwave this weekend. Despite all this, as far as I know, NSW has only lost ONE HOME, which is amazing. Tasmania on the other hand has not been so lucky.

There's a little tumblr post I've put together re: the bushfires. You can find it here.

Here's the text:
Guys, the bushfires happening here in Australia are so bad right now, and they’re not getting better. Here is some information so you can know what’s going on and also help. Please reblog and spread the word - we need all the help we can get.

Australia’s East Coast is still suffering horrifically from bushfires. I’m paraphrasing these from the Red Cross website, you can read more here.

NSW - the threat of bushfires remains high in my state. There are several areas that are still in the “catastrophic” rating. A map of the fires burning in New South Wales right now: here.

Tasmania - Thousands of people have been displaced, many losing their homes. There are still people missing, though at this point there are no confirmed deaths.

Victoria - Firefighters are fighting a 7070 ha blaze which is expected to continue for the rest of the week.

South Australia - There are several fires burning in South Australia, and they just went through a really bad heatwave like the rest of the south-east.

If you can, PLEASE DONATE. You can donate via the Red Cross to the Tasmanian Bushfires appeal here, as well as main Disaster Relief & Recovery here. If you don’t have the money, that’s okay - just spread the word! Post this on your facebook pages or just reblog here, and just let people know how they can help. Please.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you have a tumblr reblog it! Or post it on your facebook wall, or you could even repost on livejournal or dreamwidth. I have no idea how to do that repost/boost the signal button thing, but you guys know what I mean. These people need all the help they can get. Even if you can't donate, just boost the signal. It would mean so much to me, to all of us.


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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] hamimifk at In Memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] amelia_seyroon at In Memory of Matthew Shepard
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] night_owl_9 at In Memory of Matthew Shepard
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] kerrsmith2306 at In memory of Matthew Shepard

THE ULTIMATE SILENCE ~ October 12th, 1998

Listen to the mustn'ts, child.
Listen to the don'ts.
Listen to the shouldn'ts,
The impossibles, the won'ts.
Listen to the never haves,
Then listen close to me ...
Anything can happen, child.
Anything can be.

~ Shel Silverstein

Fourteen years ago today, Matthew Shepard was murdered for being homosexual.

What will you do to end the silence?

For background information check out the HBO movie "The Laramie Project"

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(AS OF APRIL 2012)

Revelations, an original writing project involving the use of the Sims 2 game. More info over @ alittleaskew.
- A Harry Potter fanfiction recommendation list that has been in the works for about two years now.
- Finishing the fanmixes I have listed over on this post.
- To continue with my New Years resolutions to watch and read as many movies and novels as I can this year.
- The 100 Things Blogging Challenge. I'm blogging about 100 movies that I love to the point of creepy obsession. Link below if anyone would like to check it out. Also visit this page for more information. Sign up for the challenge here!
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] mypetconcubine at Fanfiction.net orders writers to wash mouths out with soap
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] velvetwhip at Fanfiction.net orders writers to wash mouths out with soap
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] scratchingpost1 at Fanfiction.net orders writers to wash mouths out with soap
This is for all the Buffy and Harry Potter authors on my friends list. The original post talks about Buffy and Doctor Who, but when I followed the link, I saw that Harry Potter fandom is affected as well. I don't personally use fanfiction.net, but I know that some of you do.

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] beer_good_foamy at Fanfiction.net orders writers to wash mouths out with soap
Just a heads-up about fanfiction.net for those who might be interested.


If these numbers are correct, fanfiction.net just deleted roughly 12% of all Buffy and Doctor Who fic on there with no warning, no chance for writers to correct the perceived problems, and with temporary bans for those who get their stories deleted. Going by some comments I've seen, most have been removed either for using non-grade-school-friendly words in their summaries or for including "love scenes" that aren't considered "tasteful" (their words), but that's not the only thing they go by; one fic was apparently removed for including the word "killed" in its summary. One or two people have reported having their stories reinstated after mailing support, others have gotten rude replies that basically boil down to "RTFM, STFU." Personally I haven't gotten any reply at all after three days.

It might also be interesting to note that ff.net have blocked the possibility to export fics to AO3.

If you want to back up your ff.net stories and reviews, Storymaster seems to work pretty well.
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NEW COMMUNITY! From now on, all my mixtapes, fanmixes and icons can be found over at [livejournal.com profile] theworlditgoes. I've already moved them over, and it's all fixed up and pretty and I'm super excited!!! Please feel free to watch the community if you like my mixes and/or my icons.
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SUP GUISE. I did this silly thing and signed up for like a BAZILLION AND ONE big bangs over the next couple of months (as an artiste~ -aka mixer-) so I thought I'd pop my 'schedule' up here so I don't forget any important dates. I'm colour-coding things to make it look professional and shiny. I already have a hand-written version of this hanging up on the back of my bedroom door (and I had WAAAAAAAAY too much fun making it. Markers are awesome!)

*12/8/11 - sooooooooo someone invited me to join the Journey Big Bang... how could I resist?! I can't believe how many I'm signed up to do, seriously...

**14/8/11 - someone has to stop me from signing up for these. Seriously. Stop me. This is getting ridiculous. Just found the bigbang_mixup, which is TOTALLY up my alley. I HAVE to do it!!! And then, well, I saw the link for the Original Big Bang.... God help me. Seriously. I'm going to get it all done though, I promise. It'll just be a challenge :/

***20/8/11 - this is getting ridiculous. Historical Big Bang, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

****24/10/11 - it was bound to happen. With Nanowrimo and life being all crazy and stuff, I'm dropping out of a couple of these. Le sigh :(



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If you're in Sydney on the 13th, come join us @ 1:30pm outside Town Hall.
This is something I've been wanting to be a part of since I read about the first Slutwalk in Toronto. It's going to be amazing!
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Hey guys. Just wanted to let you all know that if you want to make donations to the victims of the Christchurch earthquake and their families, you can go here:

NZ Red Cross

Apparently the site has been crashing because lots of people are heading there to donate, but please please please try if you can afford to. These people need help.
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So I'm sure by now most of you have heard about the devestating floods in Queensland, I posted about it earlier in the week (good news - most of my family has gotten in contact with us, they're all safe). The death toll has risen to 10 people, and they're expecting it to rise because they're are a number of people still missing.

For anyone interested in donating you can do so here even if you're overseas - there's an option for international donations. If you'd like more information on what's actually happening, you can go here.

In addition to all this some beautiful, wonderful people in fandom have organised the [livejournal.com profile] qldfloodauction which is similar to the ones organised for Pakistan and Haiti. People are auctioning off fic and art - please head over there if you have the chance and participate/donate.
Also, [livejournal.com profile] werewolfsfan has pointed me in the direction of [livejournal.com profile] fandom_flood_ap which has just been formed and is in the process of getting up and running. I'd just like to copy and paste something from their info page so you can get a better idea of what we're going through right now:

This community has been set up to raise donations for those affected by recent flood disasters in Australia. December 2010 and January 2011 have delivered some of the worst flood events here in recent memory. Those of us in the country watched a national television channel help to raise an impressive amount of money in the space of two hours.

That fundraiser was a day or two before the unprecedented "inland tsunami" hit the mountain town of Toowoomba. It was before the comedy news show The 7pm Project told viewers: "If you live in the Lockyer Valley, get out now. There is a wall of water coming your way." Since that telethon, 75% of the northern state of Queensland (Brisbane) has been declared a natural disaster area. Parts of the state are still watching rivers rise, and some of those towns are suffering their second evacuation in less than two months. It will take months, perhaps years, for Queensland to recover, and the pace of the rrescue and recovery will depend on whether there are any more torrential downpours.

Northern New South Wales (north of Sydney) is being flooded. Fewer people have been evacuated because the towns are smaller. Meanwhile, Western Australia (Perth) has also had floods and an idiot arsonist. The Northern Territory (Darwin) always has torrential downpours but they're looking at a cyclone soon. Victoria (Melbourne), which suffered from those horrendous bushfires two summers ago, has a flash flood warning out. South Australia (Adelaide) and Tasmania (Hobart) are on flood watches and are copping huge amounts of rain.

If you have the chance, please please please donate ♥


"It might be breaking our hearts … but it will not break our will"

Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh


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