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[ 5-9-12: Finally! I was posting some stray mixes to theworlditgoes and decided now was a good time to put this whole thing together (of course, this is all happening while I'm sick with a fever and coughing up a lung). Just so you all know, I haven't decided how exactly this is going to work, so it may go through a couple of different incarnations before I'm happy with it. ]

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I'm taking a break with my 100 things challenge because right now I am honestly an emotional wreck after watching Glee. I know this is going to sound incredibly corny and maybe some of you will laugh at me for this, but that show was my life for nearly three years. And now it's over (well. kind of over) and I'm at a bit of a loss. I felt the same way after the last Harry Potter movie came out.

I know that Glee isn't perfect; there are a lot of problems with the show and the writing, especially in this last season. But I can't help but see past all that, see the show that I first loved. I still love all the characters and I don't care if you think they're crappy or unrealistic or acting stupidly or horribly or whatever. This show is special to me.

I am literally sobbing right now. The last episode was beautiful and the perfect goodbye to all the characters we love. I can't wait to see where they take the show next... All I know is that it's not going to be the same.

Please excuse me while I go and drown myself in fanfiction where the Glee kids stay together forever and everyone has a happy ending and it's all perfect and sunshine.

If you watch Glee and want to talk about the last episode or cry with me, well, my inbox is always open ♥
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guys I know not all of you are watch Glee, and I know that a lot of you don't like Finchel, but please, let me have my moment:

under a cut because spoilers and gifs )

I ship everyone with everyone else, so anything that happens relationship wise in the show makes me happy. And it's ridiculous because I've never been like this with a show before, ever. So yeah, I ship Finchel, but I also ship Puckleberry and Faberry, and St. Berry and whatever the name for Rachel/Blaine is. And don't even get me started on Kurt. So yeah. I LOVE ALL the ships!
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SUP GUISE. I did this silly thing and signed up for like a BAZILLION AND ONE big bangs over the next couple of months (as an artiste~ -aka mixer-) so I thought I'd pop my 'schedule' up here so I don't forget any important dates. I'm colour-coding things to make it look professional and shiny. I already have a hand-written version of this hanging up on the back of my bedroom door (and I had WAAAAAAAAY too much fun making it. Markers are awesome!)

*12/8/11 - sooooooooo someone invited me to join the Journey Big Bang... how could I resist?! I can't believe how many I'm signed up to do, seriously...

**14/8/11 - someone has to stop me from signing up for these. Seriously. Stop me. This is getting ridiculous. Just found the bigbang_mixup, which is TOTALLY up my alley. I HAVE to do it!!! And then, well, I saw the link for the Original Big Bang.... God help me. Seriously. I'm going to get it all done though, I promise. It'll just be a challenge :/

***20/8/11 - this is getting ridiculous. Historical Big Bang, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

****24/10/11 - it was bound to happen. With Nanowrimo and life being all crazy and stuff, I'm dropping out of a couple of these. Le sigh :(



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All of this (including the gif) is going behind a cut for a week or so because I really really really don't want to spoil it for anyone who may not have watched it yet.

spoilers under the cut regarding ep 2x16 )
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Okay, I'm not going to even touch on the Quinn/Finn parts of this episode - I'm trying to forget it ever happened. Nor am I going to talk about Will/Holly because regarding their relationship - IDGAF. And (surprise surprise) I won't be talking about Blaine/Kurt even though I found their whole "sexy" talk thing freaking hilarious.

No. I'm going to step away from all that for a bit and talk about my first OTP from Glee - Brittany/Santana. I began shipping them in the first season after this exchange:

Santana: sex isn't dating
Brittany: if it were, Santana and I would be dating

And so it began. I was so excited during the 'Duets' episode because I thought for sure that the two of them would get their shit together and be a couple. Of course, Glee never turns out how we expect/want it to. This episode, 'Sexy', however, blew my mind. Naya Rivera acted her butt off in this, and she had me in tears every time she started crying. I think there were hints of this coming in the 'Blame It on the Alcohol' episode, and I'm so glad they acted on it.

As a bisexual, Glee on occasion annoys the hell out of me. In addition to initially showing Santana and Brittany's relationship as a 'fun on the side' thing and not actually acknowleding any possible lesbianism between the two, they also have a main character (Kurt) take a dig at bisexuals without coming back to the topic or forcing him to admit that what he said was wrong. I like that Brittany in this episode is confused about her sexuality, and how Santana seems to get over her 'gay panic' issues to really be truthful about how she feels.

Landslide was one of the most beautiful Glee performances I've seen, and the third one ever to make me cry (first two were 'To Sir With Love' and 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'). Her confrontation with Brittany in front of the lockers was so brave and I was literally clapping and crying all at the same time while I was watching it. Santana has really grown as a character, and I feel like I can finally tick off one of the points on my glee wishlist - to see some growth and emotion with Santana that doesn't revolve around anger or arrogance.

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Okay, so here we go. This is a double whammy post, because I got lazy and wasn't bothered to do the posts until now.

So. 2x13

Justin Bieber what? Seriously, what?
I felt sorry for Quinn during this but part of me felt that she kind of deserved it. She can be so manipulative. I love my bb, but seriously?
I wanted to hit Finn. Like seriously. I wanted to cause him pain. I cannot stand him right now. He's just... mean.
Sam was absolutely adorable during this episode, and him trying to "sexy" and an "artist" cracked me up.
Um. But other than that I wasn't really into this episode. So lets just move on.

NOW. 2x14

Sometimes I feel like this episode was a bit preachy. But it was also full of deliciously awesome crack, so I kind of loved it.
Okay. Things I loved - Rachel. But to a point. I loved her being drunk because she was adorable but I hated the way she treated Kurt. Seriously. She was horrible. She knew how much Kurt liked Blaine, and I get that she was drunk, and she just went for it. Ugh.
Just the glee club in general cracked me up.
OH GOD MY BB Santana, crying all the time, I love her so much. She's adorable.
Um. What else. Lauren. I love Lauren. I love how Lauren and Quinn just attacked Puck. Angry drunks for the win!
Personally, I'm more like Tina and Mercedes, but I ALWAYS end up as Santana. I'm a "everything is funny oh god can't stop laughing oh god now I'm crying I hate my life."
I also didn't like Kurt's bi-phobia. As a bisexual, I just was really pissed off by his little tirade. And then the fact that it wasn't addressed again really bothered me. I was kind of hoping that Blaine would end up being bisexual just so they could explore it a bit more.
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So those of you who know me are well aware that I am a big horror buff. Like, super-intense-live-for-the-genre-my-dreams-are-all-horror-based kind of buff. And one of my favourite things to do is combine my favourite genre and my favourite fandoms and smooosh them together to create


Harry Potter is sadly lacking in this, but GLEE. Oh my Gaga, the Glee fandom rocks at writing horror/apocalypse/paranormal/thriller fic. And I love them for it. I'm signed up for the [livejournal.com profile] klainebigbang, and reading through the prompt/plot post makes me super happy, because I can already see that a couple of people have got horror-related plots.

It's funny isn't it? For a show that advertises itself as a musical-comedy, the amount of dark!fanfiction is astounding. And totally awesome.

I'm going to have to make a rec-list for fics like this - the [livejournal.com profile] glee_angst_meme will be a great place to start.

Also, just want to pimp out - the big bang for glee crossover fic! I'm the only person signed up as an artist so far :( 

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If you're a Glee fan and ESPECIALLY if you ship those dapper boys, go over to klainebigbang and sign up!

I like nervous and excited all in one big bundle. EEK!

Also I need to make posts for the last two Glee eps, totally forgot about doing them. Soon you'll hear all about what I really think of Justin Bieber, why I love Lauren, and why Finn if currently on my shit-list.
Oh, and lots of gushing about Rachel. LOVE MAH BB ♥

*as an artist of course, fanmixes here I come!
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So here's the Puck/Quinn mix I mentioned a couple of days ago. It started off as just a short mix as usual, but then I kept adding songs - hence the two part zip. Maybe in the next couple of weeks I'll start character mixes for Quinn and Puck. And I'll also probably do a Santana/Puck mix at some point. Apologies in advance for shitty photoshopped covers. As always, please leave a comment if you download, and do not post elsewhere. If anyone would like individual songs uploaded, or has trouble downloading the zip, just let me know.

where it began, I can't begin to know when... )
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I seriously wanted to hit Finn during this damn episode
I love the Lauren + Puck thing, and I love that she doesn't take any shit from him
Though I wasn't impressed with Rachel's slut shaming of Santana, I'm glad that someone at least tried to give her a reality check
Quinn and Finn - what the hell are you doing?! So not impressed...
I am totally in love with the idea of a Mercedes+Kurt+Rachel friendship ♥
I felt so embarassed for him OMG HE GOT REJECTED POOR BB
Though I do love that Kurt + Blaine are taking things slow and working on their friendship
Loved the music this episode, especially PYT and Fat Bottomed Girls
I loved Rachel in this epsiode - especially when she realised that she needs to be her own woman for awhile

my glee wishlist )
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Remember when I said I wouldn't be making any more mixtapes until after February? SURPRISE!

This one is the first part of a project I'm planning - I'm making fanmixes for a couple of characters from Glee (essentially just my favourites), and then I plan on doing ones for pairings - I ship everyone with everyone so there'll be heaps of these (if I can manage it!). As always, please leave a comment if you download, and do not post elsewhere. If anyone would like individual songs uploaded, or has trouble downloading the zip, just let me know.

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I've missed doing these ♥
Also, apologies for the possibly seizure-inducing gif

Sue going nuts was freaking hilarious
Puck and Finn's epic bromance is a go? YESSSS
I love Quinn sticking up for herself and the team - she seems like a good captain
Zombie camp cracked me up so bad - especially Rachel doing her regular old 'glide across the floor' dancing
Their makeup was awesome
She's Not There done as a zombie performance was freakin bizarre
You know for a minute there I actually liked Karofsky...
Lol what are they doing omg joining the football team this is going to be hilarious
"how many m's are there in the letter r?"
"LET'S KICK SOME ASS!!" - Rachel I love you so much. this is why you're my favourite ♥
Brittany sticking up for herself and the girls quitting = amazing
Not liking this hint of Quinn/Finn business though :/
OMG KURT dancing in the stands it's hilarious
It totally cracked up during their "BRAINSSSS" thing
I honestly hought some of the football players would join Glee club :( so disappointed in Karofsky
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I've been listening to the Wabler version of Bills, Bills, Bills on repeat since I downloaded it a couple of hours ago. SO GOOD. 

(my reaction to hearing the song? see the guy behind Kurt that's all like "CHYEAAAAAAH!" - that was me)

After all the shit going on, it's lovely to just sit back and listen to Darren Criss and get all excited about a new Glee episode and promises of Kurt/Blaine-ness.

Anyone else heard it yet? DO YOU THINK IT'S AWESOME Y/Y? And is anyone else besides me looking forward to the idea that Blaine might have a ~dark side? Methinks I've been influenced by the [livejournal.com profile] glee_angst_meme...
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  • I loved Brittany in this episode. Totally into Artie/Brittany now, they're adorable
  • Sue = Grinch = brilliance
  • I was surprised how much I wanted Finchel to reunite. When Finn smiled at the end, I squee'd
  • This epsiode has seriously filled me with ~christmas joy~ So excited for christmas now
  • Um I could watch the BICO scene over and over and over and over...

(gif by [info]onyx_capricorn)
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No Blaine/Kurt this episode, therefore no awesome gifs. However, have a really sad screencap of KURT LEAVING :(

(screencap by [livejournal.com profile] waxandstrings @ [livejournal.com profile] rawr_caps )
  • Okay so first of all Karofsky needs to go DIAF, seriously
  • Kurt I love him so much
  • Sue is probably the best thing about this epsidode, I cheered when she got married
  • I kind of wanted Santana to tell Rachel, because I'm so sick of lovey dovey Finchel *cringes*
  • Puck/Santana, Artie/Brittany = DNW. Brittany/Santana ALL THE WAY
  • I cried during the wedding vows, I'm such a loser
  • FURT - god I'm so happy these two are okay now (to a degree...)
  • I can't believe what happened at the end. I knew it was coming, but it was just... UGH
  • Sam/Quinn have grown on me now, I have to admit. I kind of think they're adorable, even though I'm a pretty hardcore Puck/Quinn shipper.
  • It needs to be next week like YESTERDAY. I HAVE TO KNOW WHO WINS AT SECTIONALS.

Thoughts? Comments? Links to really cool gifs?
Hope you're all well xx
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:D :D :D :D
  • the two of them together are adorable - "OMG STOP IT!! :D :D"
  • gay gay gay GAY GAY SO GAY lol I love it
  • Mercedes and her TOTS
  • Harry/Shue dancing = LOVE
  • Sue is principal god help everyone
  • Karofsky WTF? if he touches my kurt I'm gonna hulk out
  • lol at rachel trying to take over glee NEXT TIME BB, NEXT TIME
Was kind of meh about Paltrow to be honest *shrugs*
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Jesus Christ on a step ladder, I am shipping these two SO HARD RIGHT NOW
*fans self* yay for a new ship!
Also, the whole thing with Karofsky kind of made me :O I felt so, so sorry for Kurt :(


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