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[ 5-9-12: Finally! I was posting some stray mixes to theworlditgoes and decided now was a good time to put this whole thing together (of course, this is all happening while I'm sick with a fever and coughing up a lung). Just so you all know, I haven't decided how exactly this is going to work, so it may go through a couple of different incarnations before I'm happy with it. ]

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I just finished reading the Darkest Powers trilogy the other day and I am completely and utterly enamoured with the idea of Derek and Chloe. I like that he's not a stereotypically 'good looking' guy. I like that she stutters and that they argue and that it took them so long to figure things out. I've probably latched onto this series so much because Glee is on break right now and I don't have anything else to squee over. The actors used for Chloe and Derek are Hannah Murray and Carter Jenkins. I'm not one hundred percent sold on Jenkins yet, but it's kind of hard to find someone that could really play Derek that isn't super-duper good looking. What else? Um, credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] midnight_road for the lovely textures used on the covers. There are twelve songs, they do follow some sort of chronological order and lyrics are included. I'm looking at the mix now and some of the song choices might seem odd, but I swear they made sense to me at the time! The quotes I used below are the ones that got me hooked on this pairing. As always please leave a comment if you download and do not repost this elsewhere. If anyone would like individual songs uploaded or has trouble downloading the mix, just let me know.

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