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I'm battling a head cold and it's really hot so I keep switching between walking around in a big dressing gown, and walking around with no pants on. Yuck. Once again, some photos of really stupid things. Seriously, I am so lazy it's getting ridiculous. Oh well, I hope you enjoy some of them at least! Also, my best friend and I had an epic 90s music showdown on facebook. We basically kept posting 90s music videos, pissing off EVERYONE because there were a LOT of videos. We unanimously agreed that I won after I posted MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". Anyway, I made a playlist based on what we posted, and I'm thinking about uploading it because it's kind of awesome...

DAY FIFTEEN - my favourite teacup (from South Africa) and our informative sugar jar:

Days Sixteen - Twenty-One )

So on the 16th (a Monday, I think), Emma and I got bored and decided to drive out to Brighton to get ice cream. We usually go to Cronulla, but decided on Brighton on a whim. The weather started out absolutely appalling (as you can see in the pictures) but by the time we got to Brighton, blue skies all 'round! I don't really like coming to Brighton because it seems to be the place for hoons to drive around in their cars and shout things at you, but that day was actually very peaceful.

pictures from an adventure in Brighton )
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Things you will learn about me from this photo set:

+ I wear Chanel
+ I have very red hair
+ I very quickly ran out of things to photograph this week
+ I spend a lot of time in my backyard
+ my eyes are a really weird colour

I would just like to apologise in advance, because more than half of these photos are taken in my backyard. I would forget to take a photo until the last moment or I would just be chilling in the backyard and think "God, I'm too lazy to go find another thing to photography, let's snap a random shot of the backyard and be done with it!"

DAY EIGHT - a very noisy picture (apologies, I didn't realise how much noise there was!) of a storm rolling in:

Days Nine - Fourteen )

Got out of the shower the other day, and while scrutinising myself and pulling faces in the mirror, realised I had very odd coloured eyes. I usually just say "my eyes are hazel", but then people get confused because they look closer and they're like, "Deanna, are you aware that half of one of your eyes is blue?"

my eyes! apologies for the blotchy face )
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One of my New Years resolutions for 2012 was to take a photo a day for the rest of the year. I contemplated posting a picture everyday but then realised how annoying that would be; hence the first weekly post! Every seven days, I'll make a round-up post of the pictures I've taken so I don't spam everyone's friends page. Also included are three bonus pictures of my adorable pets.

DAY ONE - Emma, taken in my kitchen:

Days Two - Seven )

And now for the munchkins!

pet pictures! )


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