May. 27th, 2012

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Anyone remember when Emma discovered Twilight fanfiction and started coming up with ideas for fanfiction? Yeah, it happened again.

"Okay so first there's Jacob. And he's a rogue agent, and everyone thinks he's for the vampires, but he's ACTUALLY FOR THE WEREWOLVES. So then he tries to get with Rosalie and Emmett is so mad about it because he's still in love with Rosalie*. And Rosalie realises she's in love with Jacob and one day Emmett walks in on them having sex and Jacob phases and devours them both. HE KILLS THEM DEANNA, BOTH OF THEM."

"Okay the next one has to be about Renesmee. She's a rogue agent too** and she KILLS JACOB because she's in love with Jasper. Because, OH MY GOD, get this, Jasper tells her that in order to prove her love she has to kill Jacob! BRILLIANT!***"

*At this point I was like, what the fuck, did Emmette and Roaslie break up or something? And Emma just pauses and goes, "uh, yeah why not," and then carried on all excited. NOTHING IS GOING TO GET IN THE WAY OF THE MURDER.

**I don't know what she's been watching but her current obsession is with making everyone a rogue agent.

***She was nearly hysterical with excitement at this point, I was laughing so hard I could barely type.
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I went out for coffee this afternoon with Emma and Abbey, during which we had a thrilling discussion about piercings in people's nether regions. We all agreed that it squicked us, but you know, to each their own. Anyway, this movie is a classic. I've read in places that it's not supposed to be one of Jerry Lewis's best movies (actually, while hunting for reviews I came across a rather scathing one that made me really sad) but I love it.

#23. The Ladies Man (1961)

"Herbert. Herbert H. Heebert is my name."
"Oh. Herbert... H... Heebert. Uh, what's the 'H' stand for?"
"No, no I mean the other the H."
"No that's the same like the other part."
"Your name is Herbert Herbert? Oh. How in the world did that happen?"
"Oh, they think it started many years ago as a child. I was very stubborn, my mother used to yell outta the window, 'Herbert, HERBERT,' I never answered the first time so it stuck with me. Herbert Herbert Heebert. I got a pair of Herberts in front of my Heebert."

SYNOPSIS: Move over, Don Juan and Casanova - you've got competition from none other than Herbert H. Heebert. After being jilted by his gal, a depressed Herbert swears of romantic entanglements and is determined to live his life as a confirmed bachelor. However, he then finds employment at a Hollywood boardinghouse for women - and the female residents go wild over the newly hired help! And that's when the hapless Herbert graduates from being a simple handyman to becoming The Ladies Man!

WHY IS IT ON THE LIST: Every single time I would go and visit my grandparents, they would put this movie on for me. Even when i was living with them for awhile, they would let me watch this every single fricking night. God bless, they must have been so frustrated with me by the time I left! I LOVE Jerry Lewis. I grew up watching him and Dean Martin (as well as Abbott and Costello), and I have so many good memories of sitting in my pyjamas before bed, watching this movie and giggling like crazy. There are so many jokes and gags from this movie that my family and I still joke about with this day - the whole "Baby" gag, and the Herbert H. Heebert joke, and especially the bit where he gets his hand stuck on the toaster. I have so much love for this movie. Definitely in my top ten (and I think I need to start keeping track of my top ten, because at the rate I'm going I'll have twenty movies in there!


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