May. 18th, 2012

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What was my frame of mind on this particular day? According to the note I had up, I was "bone tired" and just wanted a "cup of tea". Yep, Sounds about right! My friend Scott totally disagrees with me, but Twister is totally a top five movie - it's actually my no. 2 (after Say Anything and just before Braveheart).

#15. Twister (1996)

“'The Suck Zone'. It's the point basically where the twister... sucks you up. That's not the technical term for it, obviously."

SYNOPSIS: TV weatherman Bill Harding is trying to get his tornado-hunter wife, Jo, to sign divorce papers so he can marry his girlfriend Melissa. But Mother Nature, in the form of a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma, has other plans. Soon the three have joined the team of stormchasers as they attempt to insert a revolutionary measuring device into the very heart of several extremely violent tornados.

WHY IS IT ON THE LIST: This is seriously the best movie. THE BEST. Well, not the best, but it's up there! I love this. I love the team of stormchasers, every single last one of them, and how they interact with each other. I love the love triangle, and how it's possible to feel sympathy for both women involved. I love Aunt Meg, and I love the other team of storm chasers and OH MY GOD do I love the actual tornado scenes. This movie has it all: drama, romance, action, thrilling scenes and amazing characters. What's not to love?!


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