May. 11th, 2012

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Back on track now, I promise! I had this major big yucky assignment due for Information Industry today. We had to present this case study to the class and it went terribly but you know what, it's done, we passed (we know for a fact, because we asked the teacher who was nice enough to let us know), and it's over. Thankfully. Here's number eight on my list, a really, really cheesy movie, apologies in advance! Dracula oh yeah...

#8. Dracula 2000 (2000)

"We're all so much more complicated than our names."

SYNOPSIS: In the millenium version of this classic Gothic horror we find Abraham Van Helsing (Plummer), who has tangled with Count Dracula (Butler) in the past, working as an English antiques dealer. Simon (Miller) is a vampire hunter in training under his apprenticeship. Van Helsing and Simon travel from London to New Orleans to rescue Van Helsing's daughter Mary (Waddell) from the family's life long nemesis - Dracula.

WHY IS IT ON THE LIST: This is not a good movie. It really isn't. I'm not going to deny it. The plot is terrible, the acting is just as bad. I mean, Vitamin C is in it. Also Gerard Butler's accent is atrocious. And somehow, in spite of all of this, I love it. I freaking love this movie so much. I never get sick of watching it, I never get sick of the overdramatic dialogue, and the last scene when it is revealed who Dracula ~really~ is is so intense. And the trio of vampire girls are fucking gorgeous. Creepy as hell, but gorgeous. This is one of those movies on my rainy day movie list; when I'm cold, tired and it's rainy and I just want to chill out, I'll put this movie on. Because of course, only me would find a violent movie about vampires 'relaxing'.


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